Monday, February 25, 2013

Mirrorless Monday

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Do you notice the good aspects of your appearance, or do you hone in on whatever you don't like about your looks? Many people can pass a mirror or glance at their reflection and think nothing of it. Some people can't.

Some people get trapped in mirrors. They fall in. They catch sight of some perceived flaw or defect, and stare at it, as it seems to grow and morph in front of them. It may be a blemish or a bad hair day. It may be facial features, or body shape, weight and fat, lumps and bumps we all have. These imperfections become all-consuming.

For others, mirrors become more animated. Mirrors taunt them, call them names, belittle them. They can hardly stand to glance at themselves, and may avoid their reflection altogether to escape the bullying. Unfortunately, the bully lives in their own heads.

For people with eating disorders, mirrors are triggers. Some try to mask what they see as unattractive (often, what they see as "fat"), engaging in obsessive appearance checking and fixing. Others go out of their way to avoid having to see themselves. Neither strategy helps to correct the misperceptions, or allows people to see their own beauty.

Therefore, for eating disorder awareness week (and anytime, really), take a stand by participating in "Mirrorless Monday." Cover your mirrors with paper - any kind will do - and write affirmations of inner beauty for yourself, your partner, your kids, or others around you.

Remember, mirrors do not define us. They don't even give us that accurate a view of ourselves. Let's not let them dominate us!

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